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Find the full tag

Write a regexp to find the tag <style...>. It should match the full tag: it may have no attributes <style> or have several of them <style type="..." id="...">.

???But the regexp should not match <styler>!

For instance:

let regexp = /your regexp/g;

alert( '<style> <styler> <style test="...">'.match(regexp) ); // <style>, <style test="...">

The pattern start is obvious: <style.

???But then we can???t simply write <style.*?>, because <styler> would match it.

We need either a space after <style and then optionally something else or the ending >.

In the regexp language: <style(>|\s.*?>).

In action:

let regexp = /<style(>|\s.*?>)/g;

alert( '<style> <styler> <style test="...">'.match(regexp) ); // <style>, <style test="...">